Award Winning AgentsTM Matches Home Buyer & Sellers with Texas’ Top Real Estate Agents

Are you looking to take advantage of the booming Texas real estate market? Maybe you’re a first-time homebuyer? Or relocating to the Lone Star State? Do you have a luxury property to sell? Are you looking to build your dream home, but just don’t know where to start?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a free online resource that could match you with a helping hand? Someone to guide you through the local market, steer you to the right property, and help you seal the deal?

Well, you’re in luck! Finding a top real estate agent in Central Texas has never been easier. We’re thrilled to introduce Award Winning Agents™, powered by Platinum Top 50®. is a free online platform designed to help buyers and sellers find the perfect real estate agent based on their individual and unique home needs.  

Let us break it down a bit more. 

What Is Award Winning Agents™?

Award Winning Agents™ is an exciting new website powered by Platinum Top 50®. The site is free of charge and allows homebuyers and sellers to connect with an Award Winning Agent™ throughout Central Texas. Whether you’re selling, buying, relocating, investing, or building, Award Winning Agents™ will match you with the right Realtor® for your needs.

Unlike other online realtor directories, Award Winning Agents™ guarantees that you will be matched with a fully vetted, well-rounded agent backed by the Platinum Top 50™ network. Not only is each agent a top performer in terms of closings and client satisfaction, but they are also community and industry leaders. Additionally, AWA agents truly understand the importance of philanthropy, continued education, professional development, and local market knowledge. 

Working with an Award Winning Agent™ will give you the confidence that no matter the climate of the current real estate market, your agent is experienced and ready to tackle any curveballs that might come along throughout the process.  

Who Is Award Winning Agents For?

Award Winning Agents™ is here for anyone in need of a Central Texas real estate agent. AWA connects you with top performing realtors who are qualified and knowledgeable in the booming, yet ever-changing, Texas real estate market. Our Realtors® have strong connections that can help you discover properties you didn’t even know were out there.

Do you have a home to sell in the Lone Star State? To achieve top dollar for your property, you need a skilled agent who knows what buyers are seeking and have an existing network in place that will be dedicated to your best interest throughout the selling process. 

Separately, if you’re looking to relocate to or within the Austin or San Antonio areas, you need someone on your side who can take the guesswork out of finding the perfect home and location for you and your family. Finding a real estate agent is about more than just someone who can close a deal. You need a local expert on your side to help smooth out all aspects of the buying and relocation process.

Why Use Award Winning Agents?

First of all, is free to use. 

But most importantly, when you choose a realtor from Award Winning Agents™, you know you’ll be working with someone that has established a track record of success. Plus, you’ll feel confident that your selected agent is someone who understands the business inside out and has connections that can benefit you. Because after all, the best real estate resources aren’t found online; they’re found in people.

Invaluable Connections

If you limit your property search to real estate websites in Texas, you are going to be missing out. There are hundreds of properties that never hit the internet listings. Because of this, you need a committed and well-connected agent who can reach across brokerages to find the home of your dreams. Award Winning Agents™ have been in the industry for decades and come from a diverse range of backgrounds. Throughout their careers, they have built lasting relationships and connections that they can leverage on your behalf to ensure you get not only the perfect property, but also the best deal.  

Professional Experience

Real estate websites can provide tips and tricks. But they can’t tell you what sells well in a particular neighborhood, or what a fair marketing value and/or offer are. 

The vetted real estate professionals found within make it a priority to know their local area. Our agents understand how the market is performing now, and how it has performed in the past. They’re able to provide advice throughout the home buying and selling process, including tips for your individual property search, and even strategies for optimum home staging.  

Learn more about what makes an Award Winning Agent™ and meet some of our top realtors by watching this video series. You won’t regret it! 

How To Use the Award Winning Agents Platform

Award Winning Agents™ was designed with you in mind. To act as an easy online platform that cuts through the clutter and delivers agents directly to you based on your unique agent criteria. The journey begins by selecting your preferred city, either Austin or San Antonio. From there, the agent results are curated based on the filters you selected in the search criteria. Search options include: 

  • Years of Experience
  • Geographical Areas Served
  • Designations
  • Specializations and Expertise
  • Average Sale Price

Once you’ve selected your preferred search criteria, you will see a handful of agents that match your individual needs. Under each agent’s photo you will see a button to “View Profile”. By clicking this button, you will be taken to the selected agent’s profile page. This is where you will begin to learn more about the agent, their experience, designations and specialties, community involvement, and so much more. 

There is no limit to the number of agents you can browse! The goal of AWA is to give you the confidence that the agent you end up working with is perfect for your unique situation. When you think you’ve found an agent that you’re interested in having a more direct conversation with, just hit the Contact button on the agent’s profile and let the conversation begin.  

Still wondering if is right for you? Watch this video to learn more

Ready to Find Your Award Winning Agent?

Whether you’re buying, selling, building, investing or relocating, you’ve just found a new secret weapon., powered by Platinum Top 50®, should be your first stop when you’re ready to buy or sell in the Texas real estate market. Our no-cost platform makes finding the perfect agent easy and we understand that buying or selling a home is an important journey for you and your family. So why chance making such a major decision?  

Start your search for the best Texas real estate agent at

When deciding to sell a home or looking to purchase, finding a real estate agent is typically the first step in this emotional process. For many, the knee-jerk reaction is to reach out to the first person you know who is an agent. While this method might work for some, for many others, the process of finding a real estate agent requires a bit more due diligence.

Amber Thomas, President and CEO of Platinum Top 50, offers tips for finding and choosing the right residential real estate agent.

Here are Thomas’ suggestions for finding and choosing your next real estate agent:

Trust Your Gut

It is important to have a good working relationship with your real estate agent. “Sometimes you have to have straightforward conversations and trust your intuition to say, ‘I can see myself working with this person, and I trust them to work hard on my behalf, to communicate well and to advise me,’” said Thomas.

“The agent doesn’t make decisions. They guide the buyer or seller through the process,” she added.

Word of Mouth and Vetting

“A positive review from someone close to you is a good indicator, but it shouldn’t be the only way to find an agent,” said Thomas.

Thomas reminds us how important it is to make sure that your agent is the right fit for you. She suggests interviewing a few and being thoughtful in your decision. Their experience, knowledge, expertise should also be considered as well as their reputation in the community.

Find a Niche Agent

If you have a specific neighborhood that you are interested in or a special type of property, chances are that you can find an agent who specializes in just what you are looking for. Luxury Home Specialists, Military Relocation Specialists, agents who are “Green” certified, and even New Home Specialists can help you to find your dream home.

Thomas reminds us that while most anyone can go online and look at listings, a real estate agent can help you to narrow your search.

“Agents are there to guide and advise a client from start to finish. Finding the home is just one small part. Understanding the client’s end goal, guiding them on the financing, advising them on the terms of the contract and, in this market, how to make their offer stand out, are just as important,” said Thomas.

“Platinum Top 50 is a network of top producing agents who are civic leaders, industry leaders, and have really great reputations,” she said.

“We’ve created this recognized network within the group. Through our website (, you can go and search the criteria. There really isn’t a “” for people to find their agent, but that’s something that we’re trying to build.”

“You want to find an agent who will help you take it to the finish line,” added Thomas.