Community & Builders

Legacy Mutual Mortgage likes to think of its customer as more than just a transaction and our referral partners as more than just another realtor. Legacy is built on some simple, yet paramount, core values:

  1. Do the right thing.
  2. Show people you care.
  3. Do your personal best.

What this translates to for Legacy employees, referral partners, and customers is a company that operates with the highest of integrity, respect, and a culture of customer service that is not only expected but required.

With forward-thinking executive management, an interest in continually improving systems and technology, and a foundation built on professional and personal growth, Legacy has become a career destination for many of the area’s most accomplished lending professionals.

Legacy’s continued success in the markets they have established is built on a firm foundation of loyal referral partners and hard-working, dedicated employees. Together, Legacy is helping make the “American Dream” come true throughout Texas, Tennessee and Colorado.

Connie Hentosh

Vice President of Sales

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