Not All Real Estate Agents
are Created Equal

Well-Rounded Agents

Not all real estate agents are created equal, and that’s why Award Winning Agents™ is your solution. Our agents are vetted and maintain an expansive network across disciplines and geographic locations.

A Connected Network

Award Winning Agents™ are high quality professionals with well rounded experience. Industry relationships are key in being an Award Winning Agent. Not just the relationship with other agents, but also relationships with businesses in the real estate industry.

No-Cost Platform

Award Winning Agents™ is fueled by the Platinum Top 50® network and requires no obligation from its users. Our agents have qualified and been selected as the best among their peers across all brokerages through our annual recognition program for their achievements in sales, philanthropy, and leadership.

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Our real estate agents are award-winning, not only for their professional accomplishments, but for their dedication to the enrichment of their community, commitment to continuing education and their ongoing leadership in real estate industry trade organizations at the local, regional and national level. Not all real estate agents are created equal and buyers and sellers deserve to be recognized by the best. The PT50 annual recognition program is uniquely designed to bring together agents that are industry and community leaders with diverse backgrounds, interests, experiences, and areas of expertise. In addition, they each have a proven track record for providing exceptional service and getting results for their clients.